"Metal - Walnut Plaques"

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Signs and Plaques - Custom Made 3D Signs

Signs are informational. They tell us where we are, where we have been and where we want to go. Examples of signs are hotel room numbers, highway signs, address markers. The ultimate sign is 3 Dimensional, copy that stands out does not fade, cannot be covered up entirely by dirt and grime. 3 Dimensional signs always deliver the information.
Plaques are ceremonial. They celebrate life, death, birth. They are used to dedicate gardens, benches, buildings and the like. 3 Dimensional Plaques have class, they celebrate with purpose, they stand out. 3 Dimensional plaques are worthy of the the person, animal, or event that they celebrate.
Personal Memorial Plaques

Bible Verse Plaques

Personal Memorial Plaques for the Home


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